Products' Update

T-Shirts' Update

The good news is that the first order of t-shirts are in production. These are for our crowd funding campaign supporters and for everyone who has bought a t-shirt through the Visible website. We spoke with the factory again earlier today and discussed and confirmed the final details and time frames.

The first batch of labels are in the process of being made. Your t-shirt fabric will be cut on Monday and Tuesday of next week, and then sewn throughout the rest of the week. They will then be ready for the labels and the prints. Some of the people involved in this process will be taking photographs and videos of the process so you can see your t-shirts being made.

The bad news is that the process is taking slightly longer that we had originally anticipated; we now anticipate delivery to you to occur between the 18th and 25th July.

We are obviously frustrated by how long this has taken, but we are regularly reminded by our board of advisers that we only finished the crowd funding campaign four weeks ago.

Over the last month, we have spent a lot of time reviewing and reflecting on our pre-order model and will be making a few tweaks to try to ensure more efficiency for future products; both in terms of lead times as well as costs.

Going forward we will adjust the order that we do things, most notably by investing in the sourcing of fabric and labels prior to a product being sold on pre-order.

In light of the fact that production has been delayed slightly, we are also holding off ordering more products until we are all wearing the first visible t-shirts. We will also continue to offer our current t-shirts for an additional 3 weeks.


Next Product: Survey Results

We asked you to tell us what you wanted the next product to be. Thank you for your inputs - both in voting, but also in sharing your comments.

We have a clear winner for both men and women; a sweatshirt and a skirt and have gone ahead and got both a visible sweatshirt and a visible skirt designed. The process of creating samples and sourcing fabric begins today and we will begin the pre-order sales process when we have a clear time frame of production and distribution.

In addition to asking for your input on the product selection, we also asked you for your opinions on what you think is a fair price when items are made fairly. The average price that you gave us is £34 (approx $57 US) for a sweatshirt, and £32 (approx $53 US) for a skirt.

Although we are aware that the price you are willing to pay is obviously affected by a variety of variables such as the fabric that is used, quality of design etc - it is an extremely useful indicator for us as we develop our new model. We will be incorporating this data as we confirm our price structure.

Sweatshirt and Skirt: Final Details

Let us know which sweatshirt and which skirt you prefer by clicking here (voting now closed) and voting before 12pm BST this coming Friday (20th June). On Friday afternoon we will send the factory the specifications of the sweatshirt and the skirt that receive the highest votes.


Future Products

You keep telling us you want more clothes: underwear, pyjamas, shorts, long sleeve t-shirts, shirts... and even lingerie. We may take a little time to figure out the Visible lingerie range, but we are excited to move forward with a number of products.

We want to proceed with many of these items in the coming months and would love your input. Opportunities for input on the upcoming products to follow...