Our first batch of Visible t-shirts have been sent out from our Oxford office and will be arriving on your doorsteps shortly if they haven’t already.

We are delighted to be able to have them in our hands and hope that you will be pleased with the final product.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving more visibility into the 'behind the scenes' of this process and how we are tweaking our business model going forward. We have our opinions and really welcome your feedback and thoughts.

Once you have had a chance to wear your Visible t-shirt please send us a selfie (hello@visible.clothing), and we’d really appreciate it if you could spend 5 minutes giving us your feedback by filling out this survey

Our apologies to those of you who got plain t-shirts and were expecting the logo printed on the sleeve. We are following up with the supplier to understand what happened.


Since we finished the crowdfunding campaign on May 21st it's been a wild ride; it's hard to believe that it has been less than three months. The world of fast fashion has programmed us to expect choice and immediate availability. Waiting two and a half months for a product to be made and produced has seemed like an eternity to us (and many of you as well)!  

We wanted to explore whether we could have a pre-order model - where customers pay for the product before it is produced. Is that feasible?  Or is the wait time too long? We’ll be launching new products in the upcoming months; should they be made and then sold or vice versa?


During this process we have had little direct control of the supply chain. We have been impressed by the t-shirts produced by CAOS (our supplier in India), and whilst there are a few aspects that didn’t work as we had expected - logos on the sleeves, signed names on the labels - we look forward to working with them on more products.

We are confident that all those who were involved in producing these t-shirts were treated fairly, and we have tried to mitigate risks through site visits and regular communication with the supplier. But we still want more visibility.

We have amended our 'supplier pack' (which outlines our expectations of suppliers), and are looking to find more ways to better connect with new suppliers so that we can understand their work better.

We will announce new partnerships with other suppliers shortly and are keen to hear from you about what you would like to learn about them. What would you like to know about the individuals who have made your clothes?

Blog Updates 

We are aware of the need for regular and good quality communication with you about the fairly made clothing sector.  

As well as continuing to give blog updates on Visible’s progress, next month we will be launching a series of webinars with industry experts sharing their insights with the goal that we can all learn more as we embark on this journey. What would you like to know about fairly made clothes?  Who do you want to learn from?

Thanks for being on this journey with us. Again, please complete the survey and we hope you like your t-shirts!