A box of the t-shirts coming to North America spent a few extra days at the custom depot in Kentucky, but they are now all cleared. All the t-shirts have now been distributed. If you haven’t received your t-shirt in the next 48 hours, then please email us so we can track where it is.


Overall, we are very pleased with how this first batch of t-shirts has worked out - we are very much learning by doing and therefore we want to make sure that you are happy with your t-shirt and the experience.  If for any reason your expectations have not been met then we want to know how we can fix it. Please email us directly (hello@visible.clothing) so we can address any specific concerns.  Thank you to all of you who have given us feedback, if you haven’t yet done so please do complete our survey; we welcome your feedback as we try to build Visible together. 



As we mentioned last week, the plain t-shirts were more plain than we had expected and they don’t have the logo on the sleeve as we’d promised. Additionally, many of the labels that were originally going to be signed by the individuals who made your t-shirt weren't due to the risk of ink damaging some of the t-shirts. If you are not happy with the lack of logo, or if you have buyer’s remorse and wish you had a print on the front of the shirt, then please email us.

As we mentioned last week, to avoid the delays that we have experienced and to ensure that we have more control over the products before they are sent out, going forward we’ll be moving most of our business from our current pre-order model to a more traditional online shop.

We are making more t-shirts with different prints and colours. Additionally, we are working with more suppliers and confirming purchase orders incorporating your feedback on the skirts and sweatshirts as well, as developing a new line of shirts. We’ll update the website as soon we have new products available.

Bulk Custom Orders

A number of you have asked about getting customised bulk orders of t-shirts. We’re excited about adding this as a core component of our business model. In addition to the  black and white t-shirts that we currently have available online, we will also be offering bulk orders on the new colours which will be available shortly. Please email us your specific requirements and we’ll connect with you directly.

If you haven’t yet completed the survey giving us feedback please do so, and continue sending us your selfies!