Over the last month we have been on the road a lot - reconnecting with current supplier partners as well as meeting both new suppliers and other strategic partners in the ethical clothing sector. We have also spent a lot of time internally reflecting and assessing some fundamental pivots to our business model that we think are necessary to allow us to have more impact.

Since we embarked on this journey, we have wanted to know more about how consumers can have an impact on extreme poverty when they buy in line with their values. So, it's been fantastic to spend more time on the ground in the communities where workers are being treated and paid fairly, and learning about the impact that the simple purchase of a fairly made t-shirt can have on families and communities.

As we approach the holiday season and the peak of the annual clothing sales cycle, we will share stories of lives that are being impacted directly through Visible.

During our visit to India we addressed some timing and communication issues that arose with our first order of t-shirts. Whilst there we were once again very impressed by the treatment of the workers, and also by the quality of their work.

We were delighted to place our second purchase order for 3,000 t-shirts containing different colours and prints. These are scheduled to arrive at our UK office in the next couple of weeks. 


Our goal is to have these available in time for you to purchase and wake up on Christmas morning more visible than ever before.

During our time with the team who are making the t-shirts, we learnt much more about them. It was truly an honour to get to know Gomathi, Hema, and Aruna, amongst others.

Each of the blog posts for the remainder of the year will feature individuals who are involved in Visible's supply chain. We are excited to share more of their stories and pleased that our next blog post will feature Anjali Schiavina, CEO of Mandala (formerly CAOS).