We have been encouraged over the last few months to try to go after celebrity endorsements to help us get more traction as we establish our brand. Well, we’ve heard you and we went after one of the biggest ones of all, Mr. Santa Claus.

We are delighted to have his backing and support - I mean if Santa is on board who wouln't want to be wearing a visible product?

However, even with a name as big as Santa endorsing us, we want the focus of our work to remain on the people that have worked so hard to produce these clothes.

All of the new range of Visible t-shirts - in their 5 different colours - are signed by members of the team working on the shop floor. These are the real celebrity endorsements that matter to us.

When we spent time with our supplier partner in September, we were impressed to learn more about the benefits that each of the workers recieve.

Along with being being paid a fair, living wage, and health benefits - all of which are tragically uncommon in the clothing sector - each of the workers has the opportunity to further their professional development within the organisation. Additionally, as we approach the end of the year, we hope that they will enjoy their well earned annual performance bonus, approximately worth a months wages.

This Christmas holiday season, we imagine a world, where every item of clothing that Santa touches will be made by people who are treated fairly. Hopefully these new visible t-shirts can be a small part of this much bigger vision.

If Santa is excited about who made your clothes, shouldn’t you be?