We started the Visible t-shirt line with some simple prints, as well as some creative naming.  Initially "The Hanger One"

and "The Pixel One"

And recently added "The Half One"


One of the main points of feedback that we have received, second only to positive feedback about the quality of the fabric and stitching, has been regarding the number of conversations that had been started simply by people reading the print on the front of the t-shirt.

So, we decided to go to more extremes and have the most abstract one yet, for people that want to have a more detailed look, named "The Abstract One"

and our current favourite one; "The Conversation Starter"

We wanted to be even more direct and have the most blunt conversation starter we could think of.

Its incredible that in 2014, so much of the clothing sector still traps and forces people to work as modern-day slaves. As we experience the purchasing frenzy of this giving season, we have a choice as to where we buy our clothes from.

While so many workers who are enslaved in sweatshops do not have a choice, we as consumers with disposable income do. The question is do we choose to buy in line with our values or not?

When we spent time talking with Gomathi, Hema, Aruna while they were making these t-shirts, we were amazed to learn more about the significant impact that having a reliable job has on their family and community. They not only talked about the impact on them as an individual recieving a fair wage, but on their extended family both in terms of making their parents proud, but also with them being able to provide basic essentials such as health and education that we often take for granted.

We hope that by simply stating the fact that these t-shirts aren’t made by slaves it will provide opportunity for more honest conversation. Are we choosing to endorse the current status quo of buying clothes made by modern day slaves or are we chosing to go #slavefree?