Less than 5% of the people that are buying from us are men. i.e. Less than FIVE percent of the Visible customer base are male. We're trying to understand what that means on multiple levels. Crazy, especially as we are a company set up by two men and the mens shirts were made by men

Excitingly, we've sold out of some of the ties and are low on many of the men's dress shirts. Here's a quote from a new visible customer:

"My husband has obviously only just tried them on, but the fit seems great and the quality and workmanship in them is really excellent - we both loved the little details like the contrast fabrics in the collar and at the hem, and the styling detail on the cuff (orange check shirt)! 

The ties are fantastic too - as a beginner dressmaker myself I can see how beautifully made they are - and in my husband's words - "simple but interesting""

So whether you define yourself as male or female, seems like everyone can be happy with these mens shirts.