Over the last 12 months I have been really conscious to avoid buying ANY clothes that I don't know have been made fairly - for me, my wife or my kids - that was until December 23rd when I cracked.  

I've resisted the bargains, that unsurprisingly I've not missed as much as I thought I would.  I've accepted and loved the fact that living with a barebone wardrobe has been more than fine. There have been a few close shaves when I've not had all the clothes that I would have wanted, but no long term damage and living with clothes that I value has been incredible and surprisingly liberating. 

However, on December 23rd I needed to get a specific outfit for my oldest child and so had to go to out shopping.  It only cost a tenner and everyone told me just how great it looked at such a great price. I took the first two compliments like a normal person and nodded and thanked them. But I felt sick.

Unfortunately for the check out lady who innocently scanned the clothes, and told me what a great bargain it was, I told her what I really felt.  

It was nice for me to have such a great bargain before Christmas, and for my child to be able to look great during this holiday season. BUT I can no longer ignore the worker in Indonesia who made the product. What conditions do they work in and what are they paid so that I can grab a bargain? What about their family?

Twelve months ago I never would have had such a strong reaction. Yet I KNOW the reality of the clothing industry and if you've been reading any of blogs so do you. So, as we approach this next year let's continue to try and align our values with our purchasing.

Throughout 2015 let's chose to use our power and choice in a positive way for the powerless and choiceless.