Almost 30 million people are currently trapped in modern day slavery. Many are subject to the horrors of human trafficking that many of us would have thought ended years ago.

Tragically this isn't just some far flug problem that has no connection to us. Not only are there thousands of victims identified in the UK each year, but with globalisation, millions more are victims as a direct consequence of the choices that we make.

The UK has the potential this year to make history as parliament continues its lengthy process of passing in to law the Modern Slavery Bill

Whilst the Bill is lacking some components that call into question PM David Cameron's claim for the UK to be the world leader in combating modern day slavery, there are many parts of the bill, as well as the process in bringing the bill together, that give great hope.

Significantly one of the things that is so important about this bill is the key amendment that will, for the first time, bring into law an unparalleled level of accountability for companies to take responsibly to ensure that their supply chains are "slavery free".  

The amendment means that the bill actually has teeth. It forces companies to bring about a change to business best practice across their whole supply chain by legally acknowledging that there needs to accountability for slavery in supply chains, of which we as consumers are a part.

If the Bill is passed it has potential to have massive impact, holding thousands of companies to account and directly impacting millions of individuals.

We're aware that there have been many false dawns in the fight to end modern slavery, but as this debate continues in the House of Lords this week we hope it moves one step closer to making a #slavefree world a reality.