On April 24th 2013 1,134 innocent people lost their lives at the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh.

One year ago on April 24th 2014 we launched our crowdfunding campaign to launch Visible and gained a glimpse of the appetite that consumers have to end exploitation in the clothing sector.

April 24th 2015 provides another opportunity to ensure it never happens again.

Fashion Revolution 2015 are launching the annual awareness campaign to get more people asking the question of "#whomademyclothes" and to utilise the power and responsibility that consumers have to change the clothing sector.

We are excited about the impact that can happen when consumers, ethical brands, and the press co-ordinate to challenge the current clothing industry norms and really want to encourage you to get involved!

Photo: Visible CEO showing his label last year on Fashion Revolution Day

Challenge a brand: Take a selfie showing your label, follow that brand on social media, upload your photo with the message 'I want to thank the people who made my clothes, @brand #whomademyclothes?". If you don't get an answer, keep asking. If you do get an answer let the world know what they say.

Attend an event: Click here to see an ever expanding list of Fashion Revolution events that are happening across the country and around the world.

Let's all make lots of noise so that we get one step closer to achieving a clothing sector where everyone is treated fairly.