Day 1 of 5 #WhoMadeMyPJs

Last year, we gave away all our clothes and built a new wardrobe containing only items that were made by people who were treated fairly. 

So many people wanted to know more that we decided to start, where everything behind the clothes is visible - the costs, the people, the impact.

"How can you really know everyone who made the clothes in your wardrobe were treated fairly?" is the most consistent question we face when we tell people we built our new wardrobes.

So, we decided to go on a journey to take it to the next level; meeting the person, or people, who made the PJs and getting a glimpse into their daily lives.

We wanted to go on this mission with one pair of PJs, and come back with enough Visible PJs for all of you. PJs that you could give this Christmas season with pride knowing that they look good, feel good, and are made by people who are treated fairly.

It’s fair to say that over the last year I’ve become pretty attached to my PJs, not just because they are the only pair of PJs I own, but they are often worn for a lot more than 8 hours a day. I regularly have a chuckle during conference calls from my home office knowing that while everyone else is properly suited and booted, I’m wearing these.

I bought them last year from Eternal Creation, and to be honest they were purchased out of complete necessity. After giving away all our clothes, I discovered that nude nocturnal sleeping wasn’t productive for anyone. It soon became apparent that I should own one pair of PJs for others benefit as well as my own.

While the colour - and brightness - is not what I would normally go for, the lack of choice in ethical clothing made me decide to overcome my concerns and go ahead and buy a pair. Once I’d got over the shock of the fact that I owed a pair of bright pink stripped PJs, the cut and the fit impressed me and they definitely help me to have a good solid nights sleep.

I can’t recall the last time I bought a pair of PJs, which always seemed to be the speciality of Santa. While the price point was slightly higher than I would have paid previously, they ticked all the boxes for me as an ethical consumer. However, we wanted to know more and see things face to face.

Who spent the time making these PJs? Was it a good decision to buy my PJs from them? Bottom Line: Did my buying from them have a positive or negative impact on their life?

So we headed to India in a quest to learn more. Join us on the most random of journeys and find out #whomademyPJs and were they treated fairly?

Tomorrow: Day 2 of 5 Excuse me, do you know #whomademyPJs?