Yesterday, we spent a lot of timing saying Excuse me, do you know #whomademyPJs?.  Today we focused on actually learning more about the process and the people involved in making our PJs.

We are not going to lie.  Although we have visited multiple factories over the last few years, we have never slowed down long enough to follow a single product all the way through a production line.

Well today we did and it was incredible.  Amazing.  

The age old dad joke, with a different answer depending on your belief or nationality, is how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?  Well what about PJs?  How many people does it take to make a pair of PJs?

Turns out that to make my simple PJs took over 1.5 hours and involved 20 different people. TWENTY. That's a lot of people for a simple, no thrills, pair of PJs.

They offered to make up some Visible PJ samples and we thought what a great way to see more about how this really works.  Also, could there be a more perfect Christmas present for your friends and family than a pair of fairly made PJs?

We spent the morning with the team and they patiently talked us through the process letting us distract them while showing us how it was done.  So, please meet the team and follow the process with us:

Firstly, it all started with the fabric selection where we met Bitu: "I stored the fabric for your PJs #whomademyPJs" - we also found out first hand at dinner that he is the factory's celebrity chef and does an awesome curry!

Ayaz: "I cut the pattern for your PJs #whomademyPJs" - on our way to dinner we experienced that he can also carry almost as many people on a motorbike as it takes to make a pair of PJs.

Ajay: "I cut your PJs #whomademyPJs" - he competes with Ayaz on safe riding with multiple passengers but thankfully a little slower.

Sheshi: "I collect the waste fabric from your PJs #whomademyPJs" - in addition to beginning to think through ways of using waste fabric, as a cutter Sheshi works closely with Ayaz and Ajay to make sure the PJ fabric is perfectly cut.

Shakil: "I stitched your PJs #whomademyPJs" - too focused on the job to even hold the sign, he is one of the team of tailors who have clearly been trained to the highest standard, the quality and attention to detail was incredible.

Sanjila: another of the team of tailors, Sanjila, a mother to an 8 week old daughter, sewed your PJs. We will be sharing more about Sanjila tomorrow.

Ramen: "I measured your PJs #whomademyPJs" - a great team player, who is both deaf and dumb and therefore relies on gestures to communicate with his colleagues. As a tailor he sewed the PJs in addition to whipping out his tape measure at every possible opportunity!

Mahinder: "I made the button hole on your PJs #whomademyPJs" - who knew that there a specific job to make the button hole on a pair of PJs?  Its a very useful feature on any PJs so we appreciated his attention to detail.

Swati: "I sewed in the elastic on your PJs #whomademyPJs" - a valuable member of the tailoring team who is able to make anything out of anything.

Tsering: "I manage the factory that makes your PJs #whomademyPJs" - read all about Tsering in yesterday's blog post!

Sonam: "I made the drawstring for your PJs #whomademyPJs" - thanks Sonam for ensuring Visible PJs will stay on... when we want them to stay on - a win-win for everyone.

Pema: "I sewed in the label on your PJs #whomademyPJs" - a Tibetan member of the tailoring team whose skill is matched by her beaming smile!

Sushma: "I sewed the button on your PJs #whomademyPJs" - Sushma even spends her lunch break knitting clothes for her friends.  That is a serious commitment to making clothes!

Shiwani: "I trimmed your PJs #whomademyPJs" - ever find loose threads on your clothes? It's Shiwani's job to find them before they reach your bed.

Menu: "I checked the quality of your PJs #whomademyPJs" - Menu started as a hand stitcher and was promoted to this vital role. Any PJs that aren't perfect are sent back to the tailors to fix.

Tsela: "I ironed your PJs #whomademyPJs" - as we walked through the factory I realised that I'd never seen so many irons in my life.  Critical to ensure your PJs arrive looking as quality as you would want them to look.

Tenzin: "I took a photo of your PJs #whomademyPJs" - trained on the job to use a camera for amazing photoshoots, he now takes and edits all the product images.


Ganesh: "I processed the payment for your PJs #whomademyPJs" - Ganesh's wife, is also a tailor at the factory, but is currently on paid maternity leave as they have just had their first child.

Shetal: "I FedEx processed your PJs #whomademyPJs" - the factory has an amazing partnership with FedEx which means that products can arrive on the customers doorstep 6 days afer being made.

FINALLY Namgyal: "I manage the factory that makes your PJs #whomademyPJs".  A family man, and a man who works tirelessly to do things the right way for the benefit of all the factory's employees.  Fantastic leader.

So thats the deal.  20 people = 1 pair of PJs. Great to meet the dream team.  What made it such an experience was the opportunity to learn a snippet about individuals who work away day in, day out, making stuff that we often take for granted.

Tomorrow: Day 4 of 5 - What was the impact? #whomademyPJs