Our mission was to find #whomademyPJs.  We had a number of chuckles on the way, but most importantly, we succeed in getting to know a little about the workers that had actually made my bright pink PJs.

We were really impressed with how the factory is managed and seeing the impact first hand motivates us to do more with them.  One of the things that the team consistently said to us was that they wanted more work so that they could provide more opportunities for their families. 

While I appreciate the fact that I now own an additional pair of PJs in a less blinding colour, we want to do more.  So we've decided to initially take this to the next level and order, hopefully, hundreds of PJs from the factory.

We brought back a couple of samples to give to our friends and they loved them. 

Genuinely, they really did like them.

We decided to split this blog into 2 parts - alongside part 2 tomorrow we are delighted to be posting Visible PJs on our website, as well as featuring a video from the trip. 

We hope you'll join us on continuing this journey and wear your values…even at night