We are back home from a fantastic trip.  Read the blogs or check out the video if you want to see a summary of the mission.

While the travel is complete and we found the people #whomademyPJs - the mission is far from being accomplished.  

Our vision is a world where everyone who makes our clothes is treated fairly.  

That's not going to happen unless we can be a part of convincing you, and a few hundred thousand other people, to part with cash and buy in line with your values.

So here it is.  We're all in on this and have MASSIVE plans for 2016, which we'll be discussing over upcoming blogs, but for now we are focused on making PJs - lots of PJs - and we'd love it if we can persuade you to get involved.

When we sat down with the leaders of the factory we agreed that there needed to be 5 values that were reflected in these PJs:

Quality - The tailors are great, their quality of work is fantastic and all pairs of PJs will be made with 100% cotton.

Fashionable - These are PJs.  While we won't be expecting invitations from New York Fashion Week any time soon, they are well designed, a good cut, and as good a looking pair of PJs as you are likely to find in the high street in 2015.  Was that convincing enough?

Affordable - We have done everything that we can to get costs to a minimum, even taking the hit and making no profit ourselves, while ensuring that everyone at the factory is paid fairly.

Fair - We have ensured that not only are the workers paid fairly, but that consumers are treated fairly, getting value for money and excellent customer service.

Honest - We would like you to be a part of the journey with us and therefore want to ensure that we are open with you about the whole process in producing your PJs.  

Visible Costs

Visible has always promised you a breakdown of the costs so that you can know where every penny of your spending goes.  

As a small start-up business we are aware that we can't buy fabric in as much bulk as we want.  We will make some money if we can reduce down our shipping costs by sending in bulk and if we can get to a sufficient number of orders that will allow us to buy fabrics in much larger qualities. We will do that in the future as we grow.


Visible HQ will not be making any profit on these PJs.  I know, I know, our business advisers will be freaking out, but its holiday season, all about giving, and we wanted to do as much as we can to take away cost as the reason for you not buying in line with your values.  

Visible People

They have a lot of extra unused machines at the factory and skilled tailors who want to work there but who are currently unemployed.  We were really impressed by the people that we met on this trip and the changes that they have experienced in life because of working at the factory.  Yet more can we done.  We want to ensure that the current team has enough work. Additionally, we hope to utilize the extra capacity if we can get to a large enough volume of production.  Not only would this lead to lower costs for consumers but also more impact for more factory workers.

Visible Impact

On the previous blogs we outlined the stories of the individuals like Sanjlia who works at the factory.  Her Dreams and Goals are exactly the same as ours: to provide the best possible opportunities for her family, especially her 8 week old daughter, Satwa.  Our desire is to work with the factory to deepen impact for the current team, and increase the number of people that are treated fairly.

So thanks for joining us over the past week.  We hope this giving season we can persuade you to get involved, please get some for you, your family, your friends.  Everyone likes comfy PJs.

Wear your values…even at night.