BIG Announcement

We are delighted to announce that Visible has acquired and its manufacturing centre in India,  Check out the official announcement from Eternal Creation below! 


We have long respected Eternal Creation for their amazing fair trade ethos and for their ability to consistently produce quality clothing.  We owe a massive "thank you" to the founder Frances and her husband Rory for all the incredible work they have done over the last 15 years to build a sustainable fashion brand.

Frances will continue to work with us for the next few months and she is in the final stages of designing the next two children’s collections, which are so loved by the current Eternal Creation customers. 

Please check out the current products and we'll keep you updated as soon as the new collections launch.

This acquisition not only makes for exciting changes for Eternal Creation but will also allow us to grow the Visible Clothing brand, and overcome some of the biggest struggles that we have experienced on the Visible journey over the last two years.

The Visible focus has always been on treating people fairly. We are excited to be able to fulfil our brand dream and promise to make the 3 visibles clear - Visible People, Visible Cost, Visible Impact. 

On our recent trip to the factory (where we finally found out whomademyPJs), we had the privilege of building on our previous time spent there by deepening our relationships and understanding. We continued to understood more about the managers and team members' work, their dreams for the future, and together we explored opportunities for creating even deeper impact. 

In our first announcement of this new chapter, we wanted to share with you how we are planning on making the cost, people and impact more visible.

Visible Impact – We are in the process of formalising the Visible Foundation and have committed to allocated at least 10% of our company profits to this new charity.  We will be exploring with you collaborative ways where customers and team members can together provide input on how to most effectively use those resources to have a positive impact on the local community.

Visible People - We'll be heading back to the centre next week and will soon have a relaunch of the centre's website. We have a lot of ideas as to how to make the people behind the clothes more visible, but would also love to hear from you about what you would like to know about the people who are literally behind your clothes. Please email/tweet any thoughts or suggestions.

Visible Costs - If more people are going to buy in line with their values, we have to find innovative ways for fair trade production to be at a price point that is fair for the customers, as well as for the people behind the clothes. We will be exploring this more with you over the coming weeks and months.


So, we begin this new year and this next chapter with eager anticipation.  Thank you for helping to get us this far and we trust that you will continue to join us on the next leg of the adventure in partnership with us.