Can Black Friday be Used for Good?

Can Black Friday be Used for Good? 
Black Friday, a US export, seems to take a stronger hold in countries around the world every year. We've all heard the horror stories that come out around the world after Black Friday every year -- people getting trampled in stores, arguments over the last flat screen TV turning deadly, and people lining up for hours or days in order to be first in line. In the UK alone, 2015 Black Friday sales totaled over 3.3 billion for the weekend, making it the UK's biggest day for online retail ever. What is it about these deals that causes us to forget our values?
For us at team Visible, we watch with a conundrum. We're horrified at the mass consumption and the waste generated through Black Friday. I mean, can you even imagine where these products are made and the true costs of those products? On the other hand, we are a business and without sales, it's hard to have a business. 
So what's our team to do, then? What if we could use Black Friday for good? Rather than spend aimlessly on meaningless stuff, what if we could create opportunities for people to improve their lives? What if rather than buying a sea of endless faceless stuff, we could know the name and story behind each person who made our goods? 
As the team behind Eternal Creation and Visible.Clothing, we are comitted to Visible People and Visible Costs. So, this Black Friday, we are putting £1 out of every £4 spent with us to our workers' bonuses for the year. That's right. Call us crazy, but we believe that shopping can be a force for good. Every single purchase you make matters, and the impact that purchase has is up to you! 
Join us in making Black Friday #FairFriday, and know that £1 out of every £4 you spend with us from now until Monday, November 28th will go to help our wonderful tailors and Visible Factory team have a Happy Holiday, indeed!
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your support. Thank you for being part of the Visible story.