From Waste to Treasure

With the popularity of the BBC series Blue Planet, millions of people are taking a closer look at their habits and the impact they have on the planet. We are doing the same here at our tailoring centre, which produces items for Visible Clothing and our sister brand Eternal Creation. 

As our oceans and landfills fill up with an increasing amount of garbage it's important to think carefully about the waste we each create. Many people think of zero waste when it comes to their choices around the home and kitchen, but it's also an important concept for fashion. Fair trade clothing is a bigger player in this space, but not all brands make zero waste a focus.

At our tailoring centre, we pay attention to wasteful practices and are doing our part to clean up the second dirtiest industry in the world. Did you know fashion is just behind oil in harming the planet?

Zero Waste Fashion | Cleaning up the Fashion Industry

As people continue to consume more it's vital we look for ways to waste less and develop production systems with the environment in mind. We create designs that make the best use of fabrics. That means the excess fabric is turned into hair accessories, bags, and notebooks, giving it a new life.

From Waste to Treasure
We are able to turn our fabric waste into notebooks thanks to a wonderful partnership with the Green Paper Shop in Mcleod Ganj, India. This shop works with Tibetan refugees who turn our fabric waste into handmade paper, notebooks, and boxes. The notebooks you find on Visible Clothing and Eternal Creation are made from our excess fabric. This helps fulfill our zero-waste cycle and commitment to sustainable design.

Fair Trade Fashion | Sustainability | Ecofashion | Eternal Creation

The first step to creating the notebooks is that our team collects excess fabric scraps in a container, like the blue one pictured above, and then transports the scraps to the Green Paper Shop.

Fair Trade Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Ethical Fashion | Eternal Creation

Next, the fabric scraps, along with white recyclable paper, are put into the machine below, along with water, to form a pulp. It is left here to absorb before moving to the next phase.

Handmade Notebooks | Ethical Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Eternal Creation

Once the pulp is ready, it is put on this sieve, 
seen in the video below, to make it into paper.

 From there it is hung to dry.

Handmade Notebooks | Ethical Fashion | Fair Trade Clothing | Eternal Creation

Then pressed.

Ethical Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Handmade Notebooks | Eternal Creation

Once the paper is ready it is given a new life. In our case, we use the paper for our handmade notebooks, which we also cover with our beautiful excess fabric.

Ethical Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Handmade Notebooks | Eternal Creation

Ethical Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Handmade Notebooks | Eternal Creation

Great care is taken when cutting and measuring the paper for the notebooks.

Ethical Fashion | Sustainable Fashion | Handmade Notebooks | Eternal Creation

These videos show how the pieces are brought together.

Here is a look at a finished notebook, which started from fabric waste. 
It's now a treasured keepsake and a perfect gift idea!

Fair Trade Fashion | Ethical Sourcing | Ethical Clothing | Handmade Notebooks

Once the notebooks are made we gather them and bring them back to our tailoring centre to add embellishments, such as sequins, to some of the designs.

Fair Trade Fashion | Ethical Fashion | Handmade Notebooks | Eternal Creation

This is Sugandha, our production manager, 
picking up some of the finished notebooks.

For other fabric not turned into notebooks, we use the excess fabric for ethical clothing accessories such as Eternal Creation hair bows and bags. We also have zero-waste collections that feature matching pieces. You can view our entire zero-waste collection on Eternal Creation here.