About Us

Visible is an ethical clothing company that believes in total visibility and makes what is behind the clothes visible – not the nudity, but the people, the costs and the social impact - so that you can know that everyone is being treated fairly.

We produce quality, affordable, fashionable, ethical clothes at The Visible Factory; our very own Fairtrade certified factory in Dharamsala, India, where we also make clothes for our other in-house brand Eternal Creation

Our vision is to see a clothing sector where everyone is treated fairly.

"Visible.Clothing launched on 21st May 2014 following a successful crowd funding campaign when some amazing people pledged their support and belief in what we hope to achieve.

Until the Rana Plaza factory disaster we paid, at best, lip-service to trying to be ethical in our choice of clothes. We knew that sweatshops existed but chose to remain largely ignorant. We decided this needed to change; we needed to align our buying choices with our values.

At the end of 2013, we both decided to go through our wardrobes and gave away all our clothes apart from those that we knew had been made by people who were treated fairly.  We were left with nothing.  So we built new wardrobes from scratch with clothes that we knew were made fairly (check out our journey on www.whomademywardrobe.com).

Our goal with Visible is to help everyone who has considered buying fairly made clothes to be able to do so at an affordable price.

We believe that without complete visibility it is difficult for you - the customer - to decide whether or not the clothing sector is being responsible at each stage of the production process. It's too easy for us all to ignore the rights of the individuals who made our clothes because we don't know who they are. 

Our desire is to bring a variety of clothing products to market so that people can fill their wardrobes with clothes that they know have been made fairly. 

Please join us on this journey and feel free to contact us directly with any feedback or questions. Thank you for your support!"

Andy Showell-Rogers and Andy Lower.

Co-Founders and Managing Directors