Visible People Core Values

Our desire is that we do everything in line with our core values.

This includes being visible about the people behind Visible products.

Fair: Treating people as people is at the core of being fair. As our customers get a glimpse into the lives of the people who make Visible clothes, the anonymity of workers is removed and the sector becomes more humanised. By developing methods of hearing from those who are making our clothes, we can further ensure that they are treated fairly.

Quality: Our aspiration is that by connecting our customers with the people making the products, everyone involved will benefit. Although the greatest depth of understanding about someone else comes from living alongside him/her, the internet is a great resource for putting the 'community' into 'global community'.

Integrity: We seek to communicate directly and openly about ourselves and about those who we work with.

Innovative: We strive to think of creative ways to use existing methods to connect people for the benefit of the clothing industry.