Core Values

Fairness - Sustainability - Fun


All our garments are produced under the 10 principles of Fair Trade. This means we not only treating our team with equity and respect, but also our suppliers, customers, and the environment. We are committed to producing garments of the highest quality while being honest and transparent in our practices.



Fairness only truly comes when we make a commitment to the environment as well. With a growing consumer market and consumption of man made goods we think its essential to find ways to waste less, make smarter, and develop new production structures with the environment in mind. 

We are currently partnered with the Green Paper Shop in nearby Mcleod Ganj to turn our paper and fabric refuse into handmade paper, books, and boxes made by Tibetan refugees.

During the holidays and slow periods of production we make products out of pattern cutting waste for our sister brand

Our factory is equipped with a water purification system so that we can provide safe drinking water to our team and reduce the dependence on bottled water.

In the works:

Biodegradeable plastic packaging and recycled pattern paper
GOTS certified organic cotton fabric
Pattern cutting innovation to reduce fabric waste
Zero waste designs


Life is short and we believe in cultivating an experience for our team and our customers that puts enjoyment at the forefront.

In other words we believe in quality over quantity and running a business that is centered around positive values and interactions rather than profit. One of the reasons we love being a small business is we get to build close relationships with our employees and customers.

Our experiences become enriched when we interact as a community rather than as individuals or us vs them. Always feel free to reach out and ask us questions or submit feedback. We will always do our best to respond.