What is Visible's vision?

Our vision is a clothing sector where everyone is treated fairly. We believe this will come about as more and more of us buy in line with our values.

What is the history of Visible?

Visible's mission as a company is to build a sustainable business where everyone is treated fairly and provide visibility into the practices of the clothing sector.  

"We founded Visible after the Rana Plaza disaster, when we realised at best, we were paying lip-service in trying to be ethical in our choice of clothes. We knew that sweatshops existed but preferred to remain largely ignorant. We wanted to make a change and align our buying choices with our values. So we gave away all - ALL - our clothes at the end of 2013 and built new wardrobes from scratch containing only clothes that we knew were made fairly; but our personal wardrobes were not enough. We decided to set up Visible with the goal of helping everyone who has thought about buying fairly made clothes to do so at an affordable price. After meeting and working with a variety of suppliers we met with the factory that supplies clothes for www.eternalcreation.com. We were really impressed with their quality of work and client satisfaction, so we learned more about their production process by having a pair of PJs made and acquired the company in December 2015." Andy Showell-Rogers & Andy Lower

What type of business are you?

We are a US registered C-Corp with a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK.  We are a for-profit company, driven the social mission of providing more visibility into the clothing sector.   

Why did you choose the name Visible?

Without visibility, it is difficult for you - the customer - to decide whether or not everyone is being treated fairly. It is also too easy for us all to ignore the rights of the individuals who make our clothes because we quite simply don't know them. With even the smallest detail about the person who makes the clothing we wear, our mind-set can begin to change, and that person can begin to transition from an invisible cog in the machine to an actual, visible human deserving of our respect, dignity, and fair treatment. We desire far greater visibility into the fashion industry.

We therefore focus on three things:
-Visible people - We want to connect you with the actual people who make Visible clothing and to provide opportunities for those workers to let you and us know whether they are happy with their working conditions. 
-Visible costs - We tell you where every pound (or dollar) goes when you part with your cash, leaving you to be the judge as to whether clothes a fair price. 
-Visible impact - We charge a fair price for clothes which are made by people who are treated fairly, and by doing so create opportunities for extreme poverty to be eradicated.

Why are all Visible's clothes made in the developing world?

We live in a global village and are therefore connected to people who we have never actually met. For example, 98% of clothing production in the US is outsourced to the developing world. Buying clothes from people in the developing world who have been treated fairly is a great opportunity to take part in eradicating extreme poverty.

In December 2015 we had the opportunity to purchase a fair trade certified factory in Dharmsala, India.  All our production now takes place at The Visible Factory

Are you anti sweat shop?

The clothing industry is extraordinarily complex. The more we understand, the more we realize how much more we have to learn. And yet we remain more certain than ever that, from a moral perspective, it is straight-forward. It is wrong that people are enslaved in producing clothes for us. In a globalised world, there are enormous opportunities for trade, and with that the creation of jobs and possibilities for the marginalized and disadvantaged. However, because of poverty and therefore a lack of opportunities, many of those employed in clothing factories rarely have a choice. They cannot quit. We on the other hand do have a choice. We can choose to buy our clothes from companies that treat their staff fairly. In our minds this question of morality is black and white.  We have a choice as to whether we are part of the problem or part of the solution.

How do you decide a price point for a product?

We make all company decisions in line with our core values and seek to get a price that is fair for both the producers and consumers.  We continually review our business model to find new ways to make sure that all products are both quality made and fairly priced.  When deciding on a price point, we apply two principles. Firstly, we work with our tailoring team at The Visible Factory to identify the costs ensuring that everyone is paid and treated fairly. Secondly, we survey our customers to try to understand what the socially acceptable price is for clothing that has been fairly made. We want to ensure that we priced competitive as well as fairly. 

Where are you located?

Our team works virtually in Oxford, UK; El Paso, USA; Dharamsala, India; Ottowa, Canada; and Melbourne, Australia. We produce all our clothes at The Visible Factory in Dharamsala, India.

What can I expect when I buy a product from you?

We want you to be on the journey with us. We will make every effort to be as visible as possible through this process and will provide you with a chance to learn about the positive social impact experienced by workers who have made your clothes.

We also provide opportunities to connect with the team and ask questions about working at The Visible Factory through live video feeds.

With so much transparency, is Visible sustainable?

We are working against a lot of currently acceptable cultural norms. However, demand for fairly-made clothes is growing and from what our customers have told us, people are interested in learning more about the people who have made their clothes and whether they are being treated fairly. While we are currently profitable, the long-term sustainability of our business model will be dependent on getting sufficient demand and interest to enable us to have the volume of production to be economically viable. Additionally, we are exploring more ways to impact local communities and increase opportunities for workers to be free from extreme poverty.

Are you fair trade certified?

Yes.  Visible Clothing is fair trade certified and The Visible Factory, is fair-trade certified.  We believe in going beyond simply ticking the boxes of fair trade certification and seek to explore every opportunity we can to ensure that everyone connected with Visible is treated fairly.  That is the primary reason that Visible exists.

Do you review other brands that have made clothes fairly?

Visible does not currently review other brands. However Who Made My Wardrobe has reviews of brands that Visible's co-founders have bought from.

How can I get updates on your progress?

We want to keep you in the loop on how things progress. Please sign up to receive regular updates here.

Do you want feedback?

Yes, we want you to be on this journey with us, and we welcome constructive feedback. Please contact us with any feedback or questions.