My T-Shirt Information

Thank you for buying a Visible t-shirt!

Visible is a new clothing label where everything behind the clothes is made visible - no nakedness - just visibility of costs, people and impact so you can know everyone is being treated fairly.

Here are some of the different ways that Visible is making an effort to be totally visible:


Your t-shirt was made using locally-produced, Fairtrade certified, organic cotton.


One of our goals is to provide opportunities for customers to learn about the people behind their clothes, and ultimately to connect with them.

After meeting with a number of potential suppliers, we saw first-hand the importance of establishing trust in business relationships that are more than single bottom-line driven.  We were delighted to establish our first formal relationship with Mandala (formerly CAOS) who made your t-shirt. 

We visited their Fairtrade certified production facility in Pondicherry (South India) twice in 2014. We are continually impressed by their attitude to fairness. 

We have met, and speak regularly with, various members of their team including Gomathi, Hema (photo above), Aruna, Revathi, Vijaya and the Founder and Managing Director, Anjali Schiavina. 

When Anjali told us that “being fair is not an optional add-on; it is at the core of everything we do”, we were convinced that there was a strong values alignment between our two organisations. 

As more clothes are produced we will provide further opportunities to learn about the people behind Visible clothes as well as opportunities to connect with them.


For each product that Visible produces, we will illustrate the complete breakdown of the costs.

This is the cost breakdown of your t-shirt.


We want to be able to work with our production partners to assess and measure the positive social impact in the local community when people are treated fairly. To that end, we will be developing ways to learn more about the social impact that we have both on the lives of those who produce Visible clothes, but also on the wider communities.

We are currently refining our impact grid, and will continue to refine it further as we develop more partnerships with other suppliers.