Pre-Order Model

We use a pre-order model to sell Visible products. We don’t put in an order for clothing to be made until we have sufficient demand. Pre-order periods will typically last 3 weeks to gain the required orders for the product to be made. The pre-order model reduces our costs associated with holding stock. This enables us to maintain affordable product prices whilst treating people in the supply chain fairly.

The product pages state the number of days remaining before the end of the pre-order period. In addition the number of sales needed for production to commence is given as a percentage figure, this increases in 5% increments. On occasion the pre-order period might be extended by a few days to ensure 100% is reached, however this would only be on a rare occasion and has not happened thus far. You may cancel you order, or change your size and colour request, at any time during the pre-order period.

Your credit card will be charged at checkout. You can then track your product through the six stages of the production process as outlined on the product pages. 

We would like this to be an opportunity for you to learn with us about the production process and the people making your clothes.