Visible Costs - Core Values

Our desire is that everything we do is in line with our core values.

This includes being visible about our costs. 

Fair: Part of treating you fairly is we tell you where your money goes. We want to allow our customers to evaluate whether we are treating everyone in the supply chain fairly. There is a risk, however, in being this visible. We are transparent, for example, about the fact that the farmers and factory workers are paid less than we spend on posting your products to you. This is not a sexy fact. However, as we all know, the cost of living around the world varies enormously. We will continue to come up with ways to share this information with you in order for you to help us judge if it is a fair amount; one way is to communicate the worker wages in relation to the legislative minimum wage. We would value your feedback by going here.

Quality: It takes money to deliver a quality product. However, by cutting our costs through methods like our pre-order model, we are able to deliver high-quality, fairly made products at an affordable price. 

Integrity: We strive to maintain integrity by clearly communicating where your money goes after you’ve purchased our clothing; our goal is to provide the greatest benefit to the people who are actually making our products. While some of our costs are estimates, we plan to continually adjust our supply chain reporting as we learn and grow. And we have tried to be conservative with our cost estimates, so it is possible that some of them may increase.

Innovative: We believe that being visible about the people, the costs, and the impact is innovative. As we grow and learn we strive to become increasingly innovative within each of these three areas.